“Quality means when no one is looking.”

— Henry Ford


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Inspection and Assurance

Inspection and Assurance

Selection process of raw material, sub-assembly, assembly or finished product; by using 2D drawing, specification, measurement equipment, masterpiece, gonogo; in stage of regular production or launch.

Control Shipping 1 y 2

Control Shipping 1 y 2

Quality assurance activity originated by low performance of a product.


Re-Work (Cleaning, material handling

All activities that allows the product to be incorporated into the process.



An exercise of permanent representation of monitoring the behavior of the product in a certain process.



In-person representation exercise that supports research activities or presentation of actions of a non-conforming product.

"In a true approach, there are no unimportant items."

— Phil Crosby

Emerges in the city of Irapuato Guanajuato, in the hands of a group of entrepreneurs in the region with the desire to belong to the growing expansion of the automotive industry, meeting the high quality standards that consumers demand.


Master Industrial Services is a company specialized in satisfying the needs of our clients with a focus on ensuring the quality of the product throughout the entire value chain.


Master Industrial Services projects us as the company with the highest reputation in Quality Management on the automotive industry.


Our actions are in accordance with our principles and we make these a philosophy of life that is reflected in our daily work.

We do what is right, what is due, in the search of a symbiotic benefit with our business partners.

We are aware of the consequences of our thoughts and actions.

Understanding the dynamics of the industry, we create work cells with solid structures that allow strategic alliances with our clients.

Convincing our business partners that the agreement is always fulfilled.

"Quality has to be not controlled"

— Phil Crosby

Competitive advantages

Good Practices


Timely Information

“We are what we repeatedly do. then, is not an act, but a habit.”

— Aristotle

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"In the race for there is no finish line"

David T. Kearns